Mummified animals discovered in Egyptian tomb (photos)

The tomb belonged to a man named, Tutu, and his wife, Ta-Shirit-Iziz

On Friday, archaeologists discovered about 50 mummified animals including rats, cats, and falcons, besides two humans in the Egyptian province of Sohag.

According to them, the tomb belonged to a man named, Tutu, and his wife, Ta-Shirit-Iziz. Egypt’s ministry of antiquities, while giving the details of the excavations mentioned that the tomb was more than 2000 years old, and estimated to be from the early Ptolemaic period. Historically, Ptolemaic rule extended for about three centuries until the Romans conquered the region in 30 BC.

The authorities added that the tomb was in a well-preserved condition and finely painted.

Mostafa Waziri, the secretary general of Egypt’s supreme council of antiquities called it a “beautiful, colourful tomb”. He added, “It’s one of the most exciting discoveries ever in the area.”

The tomb had painted walls, which depicted funeral processions and images of the owner working in the fields, as well as his family genealogy written in hieroglyphics.


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