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Muslim sharia patrols demand Islamic laws in Copenhagen bars

They threaten bar owners

News that a gang of Muslim youths is roaming the streets of the suburb Norrebro in Copenhagen, Denmark forcing shop owners to abide by Islamic sharia law has caused an uproar in the country. Complaints reached the country’s Justice Minister that Muslims calling themselves ‘sharia Patrol’ had been patrolling the streets of Norrebro for months threatening bar owners that they would have to comply with strict sharia laws or their businesses would be destroyed. The owner of a bar named ‘Radio24syv’ in the area said recently a group of Muslims had invaded his establishment and started yelling at customers to leave because the bar was in a sharia-compliant zone, where the consumption alcohol was banned. Another bar owner said she was asked to pay 8,000 Euros for protection. Sharia patrols have been popping up all around Europe and became a large problem in cities of England, where Muslims patrolled the streets trying to implements the strict Islamic laws that include ‘modest’ dress for women and a ban on alcohol consumption. The Danish government called on the Muslim youth to refrain from raiding bars and threatening shop owners.

  • EJ Cash

    This sounds like “fake news”. It’s very hard to believe that muslim youths would be going into bars (even though their religion forbids it) preaching barkeeps to comply with Sharia Law…knowing that it could cause a riot with the Danish version of Golden Dawn…Not very believable.

    • themanews

      Unfortunately, this is a phenomenon that is growing in quite a few European countries. Similar things have been reported for example, in London and Bradford in the UK. The Sharia patrols are mainly approaching the customers and especially Muslims or people of Arab origin that are not loyal to the rules of Islam. In many cases, due to the fact that they move in groups of more than 5-6 people, they are bullying those who do not to listen to them or confront them. Mind you that “Golden Dawn”-like groups don’t exist in every country in Europe and even if they do, they are not well organized or in big numbers. At least this has been the case until very recently. So, the Sharia patrols don’t have many things to worry about, especially if one takes into consideration the fact that the police are not getting involved because they don’t want to be…accused of “racism” by the various NGOs!…