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Muslim students threaten to behead teachers at school!

Incident happened in Australia

Frightened teachers at Punchbowl Public School in NSW, Australia made formal complaints about their concerns of violence in the classroom by Muslim students, the Daily Telegraph reports.

A former teacher at the school, who only wanted to be identified as Mrs A, told the Telegraph that Muslim students made death threats towards her.
She said she left the public education system after Year 5 children, aged ten and 11, threatened to kill her and her family.
The mother-of-two claims that several complaints she made to the Department of Education were ignored.
‘Some students would act out beheadings with their fingers across their necks,’ she told the newspaper.
‘I had incidents where the kids wanted to fly the Syrian flag in the classroom or they would wear headbands.’
She added that they became abusive if she said no.
‘A lot of kids talk about their uncles and cousins who are fighting the war in Syria,’ she added.
Documents show pupils allegedly threatened to behead teachers, bullied peers into reading the Quran and demanded the Syrian flag be displayed in the classroom.
At least three teachers are said to have taken leave due to stress, had counselling or been paid compensation as a result of the bullying from the radicalised students.
Mrs A said on one occasion, she was pushed by Year 5 students into a corner during an arts lesson – and they proceeded to chant in Arabic around her.
She said the children were taken off the playground at lunch time, but no further action was taken.
Mrs A believes the lack of discipline at the primary school encouraged extremist behaviour, which only worsened when the children reached high school.
The primary school’s students often go on to Punchbowl Boys High School – which made headlines after its principal Chris Griffith, a convert to Islam, was stood down after he refused to implement the state government’s de-radicalisation programme.

source: dailymail.co.uk