Mykonos! The island where some bread slices cost 28 euros!

A couple ended up paying 122 euros without a main course

A Spanish bakery claims to sell the world’s most expensive bread in the world at €106 a loaf. OK, that level is ridiculously high, but at least it uses gold dust as an extra ingredient! What excuse does a Mykonos restaurant have for charging €28 for four slices of bread!? That’s right, a Greek couple could not believe their eyes when the waiter brought their bill and they had to pay €48 for a bottle of white wine, which costs half that price in the rest of Greece, €16 for a salad and €14 for a portion of mussels. But the item that made their jaw drop was the €28 for bread. It worked out to €7 per slice!
The customers were not expecting to be surprised in such an unpleasant manner. The price for two bottles of mineral water was equally outrageous, as the couple forked out €16!
They ended up paying a whopping €122 without even eating a main dish! Imagine if they had ordered some type of seafood!