Discovery of hand grenade at house of media group owner concerns authorities

Anti-terrorist unit is reportedly involved in probe

Greek police found a hand grenade outside the residence of an owner of a company involved in the media industry on Tuesday night. At approximately 1.20 after midnight police were alerted to the presence of a defensive-type hand grenade with the fork still in it outside the house of Nikos Karamanlis in the suburbs of Vrilissia in Attica. According to sources, police were informed by the house owner, who runs a company called “MediaGroup”, when he saw the grenade near a guard post that was illuminated. A special anti-bomb squad was dispatched to the scene and collected the hand grenade. Investigations are underway, with some sources saying the anti-terrorist division is also involved as the incident is believed to be a warning to the media group owner. Mr. Karamanlis is reported to have said that some are “bothered by hard-hitting journalism”.