N-17 terrorist group member Xiros transferred to Volos prison from Korydallos

He is the second member of the extreme left’s group to be transferred from Korydallos

Christodoulos Xiros, one of the members of the notorious extreme-left terrorist organisation “November 17” (N-17), was transferred to the Chalkida prison in total secrecy on Monday morning. Xiros, who has been sentenced to five lifetimes and 25 years imprisonment for his involvement in five murders, robberies and explosions of “17N”, is the second member of the group to be taken out of Korydallos prison after Dimitris Koufontinas was taken to the Volos prison facilities.

According to sources from the Ministry of Justice, the transfer of Christodoulos Xiros was carried out as part of a plan to turn the Korydallos prison into a penitentiary prison.

According to what the Justice Ministry had pointed out at the time of the transfer of Koufontinas that “Korydallos Prison is being transformed into a detention facility and its reorganisation is in progress.” In addition, the Justice Ministry had noted that convicts with life sentences would no longer be held in Korydallos Prison and that the primary objective of the ministry was to transfer as many detainees as possible to rural prisons.