Naked cleaners jobsite causes uproar in UK

It was a government jobseekers website

A government jobseekers website has been blasted after a £25-an-hour naked cleaning job was advertised for a company looking for women to do ‘dirty work’
The role with naked cleaning company Fantasy Cleans was listed on the Universal Jobsmatch website as being open to ‘girls of all shapes and sizes’
One jobhunter from Yorkshire told The Mirror she had been left “embarrassed and distressed” after seeing the listing.
She said: “I thought that sort of attitude of the objectification of women was in the past.”

The Fantasy Cleans job, describing “cleaners with a difference”, offers workers between £25 and £50 an hour.
Under a picture of a lingerie clad blonde women on the floor holding a brush and wearing rubber gloves, clients are told: “Sit back while they do all the dirty work. We are happy to assist you with any requests you have.”
Applicants are told they could be asked to dress up in “outfits of the clients’ choice”. This could include being “fully clothed, in lingerie, or naked”.


Her local MP Labour’s Naz Shah said: “My staff were ­absolutely appalled.
“The constituent, a single woman on Jobseeker’s Allowance, facing extreme financial hardship, drew our attention to the advert on the government’s own job search platform.”
The site enables Jobcentre Plus staff to monitor claimants’ search for work and, where insufficient job-search activity is revealed, benefits can be suspended.
The job advert read: “Fantasy Cleans want bubbly, chatty and friendly house proud girls and guys to work on a self-employed basis. We look for all ages (21+), shapes, sizes, and nationalities.

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