ND leads SYRIZA by 14.5 points, latest Public Issue poll shows

The analysis shows Prespes Agreement has hurt SYRIZA

Major opposition party New Democracy (ND) holds a 14.5-point-lead over ruling SYRIZA, according to the latest political barometer released by pollsters Public Issue.

In terms of “electoral influence”, a measurement used to estimate a party’s (re-percentage) by excluding the unclear answers, ND had 39% against 24.5% of SYRIZA.
The Movement for Change (KINAL) came in third place with 8.5%, followed by Golden Dawn with 7.5%, KKE (Communists) with 6.5%, and the Hellenic Solution with 3%.

As Public Issue analysts point out, “the main opposition party continues to absorb the most important part of the electoral base of the three new post memorandum parties (Potami, ANEL, Union of Centrists) which are disintegrating.

Regarding SYRIZA specifically, the analysis highlights party is suffering political isolation and social embarrassment as a result of the public holding the leftist party responsible for the Prespes Agreement, a loss which is not compensated by the appeal to a small proportion of voters of the so-called “anti-nationalist current” who are in favour of the Agreement.