ND on the verge of absolute majority, latest poll suggests

New centre-left party has a strong showing with 10.1%

Major opposition party New Democracy (ND) leads ruling SYRIZA by 9.4 percentage points, according to the latest poll conducted by MRB. The pollster’s December trends showed that the conservative party received 30.7% compared to SYRIZA’s 21.3% when respondents were asked who they intended to vote for. The newly formed centre left party called “Kinima Allagis” (Movement of Change), composed of To Potami party and the Democratic Alignment came in a strong third with a 10.1% approval.

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Golden Dawn was fourth with 6.8%, followed by the KKE (Communist party) with 6.5%, the Centrists Union with 2.8%, the Independent Greeks (ANEL) with 2.2% and ANTARSYA with 2.1%.
The percentages of the parties in the voting estimate are as follows:
ND 35,2%
SYRIZA 24.4%
Kinima Allagis 11.6%
Golden Dawn 7.8%
KKE 7,5%
Centrists Union 3.2%
Independent Greeks (ANEL) 2.5%.



The majority of those polled said they wanted elections to take place at the end of the current government’s 4-year term. The leader of ND Kyriakos Mitsotakis received 31.7% on the question of who is the most suitable for the post of PM, while current PM Alexis Tsipras had 22.1%. The poll was conducted on a nationwide sample of 2,000 citizens through face to face interviews between December 1 and 8.