ND sends video of allegations George Soros bribed Greek Ministers to Public Prosecutor

Former Foreign Minister Kotzias said MoD Kammenos made the allegations during a cabinet meeting

Greece’s major opposition party New Democracy (ND) submitted a video to the public prosecutor of the Council of State Kseni Dimitriou regarding allegations that billionaire George Soros had bribed ministers of the Greek government.
The video shows former Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias saying that Defence Minister Panos Kammenos had claimed during the October 16 cabinet meeting that George Soros was funding the Greek government and buying out foreigners and that he had funneled 50 million euros to government officials.
Through the party’s Deputy shadow minister of Justice, Kostas Karagounis, ND raises a series of important questions on the matter:
Is the cousin of Prime Minister George Tsipras involved in the suspicious affairs of the government that Mr Kotzias denounced? Are there references in his (Kotzias’s) letter to the Kammenos scandal in relation to the sale of missiles to Saudi Arabia?
Is Mr Kotzias insinuating through these revelations wrongdoings by Mr Kammenos regarding the possible mismanagement of EU funds for NGOs directed to refugees?

Nikos Kotzias recently resigned over a feud with Panos Kammenos in relation to the Prespa Agreement when the former claimed the PM had not backed him in the dispute with Mr Kammenos, who is the leader of the government’s junior coalition partner.