ND Vice-President: Defence Minister Kammenos should stand before special court over Saudi military deal

New Democracy vice president spoke on Skai TV

Vice president of major Greek opposition party New Democracy (ND), Adonis Georgiadis said the involvement and handling by Defence Minister Panos Kammenos of the sale of Greek weapons to Saudi Arabia warranted the setting up of a special inquiry committee.

Speaking on Skai TV, Mr. Georgiadis expressed the view that the case was worthy of a special court probing into it as it had caused material damage to the Greek state. “Four military officers warned Mr. Kammenos and he ignored them, with his handling costing the Greek state 66 million euros”, ND vice president said. The case concerns the sale of 300,000 projectiles worth 66 million euros to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the involvement of a middleman by the name of Vasilis Papadopoulos, who reportedly acted on behalf of the Gulf state for the deal. But it was revealed that the specific person had not been authorised by the Arab state to represent it in the deal. As ND has claimed in a question submitted in Greek parliament there is no official document with the signature of Saudi Arabia that appointing Papadopoulos as their middleman in the talks.