Nearly extinct Pink Dolphin gives birth to Pink Calf (video)

The mammal is entirely pink from tip to tail and has reddish eyes. The skin appears smooth, glossy pink and without flaws

An extremely rare pink dolphin has given birth to a pink calf.

The animal, known locally as Pinky, has been spotted in the Calcasieu river in Louisana swimming with her pink baby.

The unusually-coloured mammal first came to fame around 12 years ago, when she was noticed by captain Erik Rue, who saw her regularly swimming in the area and mating with dolphins – the captain even described her as ‘very sexually active’.

Her actions have obviously had the desired results though, as it seems Pinky the pink dolphin is now mother to pink dolphin baby.

A clip was shared to Pinky’s Facebook page, showing the two pink dolphins swimming in front of a massive boat in the Calcasieu Ship Channel.

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