Neue Zürcher Zeitung points to prospects for another record-setting tourism season in Greece for 2017

A very promising upcoming tourist season

“Greeks are hoping for a super summer”, is the headline of the German-language Swiss daily Neue Zürcher Zeitung this week, which cited last year’s record-setting figure of 27.5 million tourists in the country and forecasts for even a 30-million-visitor record for 2017.

“Traditionally, most foreign visitors to Greece hail from Germany. This year, the number is expected to increase by at least one million,” the paper reported, citing the Greek tourism ministry’s forecasts.

NZZ also reports that Greece remains high on the list of French, British, Austrian and Swiss tourists.

Greece’s attractiveness as a tourism destination, according to NZZ, comes as Turkey’s appeal has decreased and in light of a refugee agreement that significant reduced the uncontrolled flow of Mideast nationals and other third country citizens illegally entering Greece from neighboring Turkey.