New 50-euro supplementary pension hike takes effect on November 2

Experts says most pensioners will have to pay back between 2 to 3 instalments

248,000 pensioners eligible for ancillary pensions will see their bank accounts diminished by 50 euros, starting Tuesday, November 2, as the retroactive retention kicks in. 44,403 pensioners who lost between 1 and 20 euros in their pensions will be obligated to pay back less than 50 euros once the implementation of the new retroactive system takes effect, while 23,000 pensioners who saw their supplementary pensions slashed between 20 and 50 euros will also be affected less. The pensioners that fall under the first package of August, will pay back two instalment parts of their ancillary pensions worth three months; those under the second September term will pay back the aggregate of three months; and those for October 4 months. Retroactive retentions in ancillary pensions are calculated from June 2016 onwards, and will be withheld in monthly equal instalments, the sum of which cannot exceed 1/10th of the amount of gross pensions up to 1,000 euros, and 1/6th for the portion over 1,000 euros. Experts say that the bulk of the pensioners will have to pay 2 to 3 retroactive instalments.