New Finance Minister Staikouras: We will focus on tax relief and boosting growth

Staikouras received the Finance Ministry portfolio by outgoing Minister Tsakalotos

The new Minister of Finance, Christos Staikouras, appeared cooperative in his first statements during the official ceremony of the handing over of the Ministry by his predecessor Euclid Tsakalotos.
Mr. Staikouras acknowledged the achievements by the previous Minister, adding he would not nullify any positive results.
He stressed, however, that the economy was operating below its potential.

The incoming Minister set the priorities of the new government that would focus on easing taxes on households and businesses, boosting employment and social cohesion and supporting the less privileged. He pledged to work with integrity in the best interest of the country and its citizens.

He stressed that “we will keep the positives and build on them, correct the mistakes and omissions and use the ministry’s staff in a meritocratic way, seeking maximum consensus”. “We will work,” he concluded, “with complete consistency, modesty, speed, and efficiency”.

On his part, the former Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos, after wishing good luck to his successor, underlined that the outgoing government had left a significant legacy behind, which included low debt, low financing needs for the next 15 years, a surplus cushion and an economy in growth.