New Kate Perry song lyrics urge people to riot against Trump (videos)

We ready to riot and rise up, says super-rich pop singer

It is no secret that the overwhelming majority of Hollywood actors were vehemently opposed to Donald Trump’s candidacy and outspoken supporters of Hillary Clinton. From iconic actor Robert De Niro saying “Trump was a mutt” in the pre-election campaign, to pop queen Madonna recently saying she had thought of blowing up the White House during a speech for woman on Washington against Donald Trump, the entertainment industry is even prompting people to resort to violence against Trump. Super pop star Kate Perry was one of the staunched anti-Trump advocates. In her latest music video clip named “Chained to the Rhythm” released on Friday, the lyrics appear to openly encourage citizens to rise up and riot against Trump. the pop star’s Chained to the Rhythm track features lyrics by reggae singer Skip Marley that include the lines, “We’re stumbling, we’re crumbling, and we’re about to riot / They woke up, they woke up the lions.”
Elsewhere, the lyrics make reference to “liars” and the “empire,” clearly placing it in a political context.

“Even though Skip is the one who seems to slyly diss the President, many drew attention to how it’s still Katy’s song, and how her lyrics could also be related to the current political climate,” reports Hollywood Life. After releasing her new song, Perry proclaimed the new era of “purposeful pop”.

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