New rallies are being organized for the name of Macedonia

The rallies will take place simultaneously in many Greek cities


New rallies are being organized in Athens, Thessaloniki and other cities after the latest developments regarding the negotiations on the name dispute with FYROM. According to a press release, the members of the organization committee, set up by the coordinating bodies of the two major rallies for Macedonia in Athens and Thessaloniki, have already made a series of contacts with representatives of the local government and have asked them to practically support the struggle of the Greek people against the “sale-out of the name of Macedonia by the government”.

Within the next few days, the committee, in collaboration with the Pan-Macedonian Unions, will announce the organization of parallel rallies in Greek cities throughout Greece, apart from Athens and Thessaloniki. The meetings will be held in the selected cities on June 6 at 19:30. As the announcement points out, “through these rallies, the committee will seek to remind the political staff of the country that the Greek people have made their decisions on the name of Macedonia and demand they will be respected”.

The committee clarifies to the Greek government that “no solution that includes the term ‘Macedonia’ can be accepted by the Greek side”.