New gov’t composition to be announced momentarily (Live Feed)

From 19 to 10, but it still remains to be seen if the new plan will operate correctly

Information states that Panagiotis Lafazanis will be partaking in the new Ministry of Productive Reform, and Panagiotis Kouroublis will be Minister of Health. The latter stated that the PM gave him the ministry in a phone call they had, yesterday.


Nikos Voutsis will probably be the Minister of Interior   with Zoe Konstantopoulou as Parliament Speaker, even though earlier information had her taking over the Ministry of Justice.


The Foreign Affairs Ministry will include Nikos Kotzias and Nadia Valavani, with Nikos Houndis being discussed as the man responsible for European matters.


The Ministry of National Defense is taken over by Panos Kammenos.


Nikkos Pappas is placed as Minister of State. The government’s spokesman position will most probably go to Mr. Gabriel Sakellaridis.


The Ministry of Culture, Education and Religion was meant to go to Aristeidis Baltas, except that -now- Mr. Konstantinos Tsoukalas is also a likely candidate.


The position of the head of the Ministry of Employment, Social Security and Social Solidarity was between Rania Antonopoulou and Dimitris Stratoulis, however, latest information “sees” Panos Skourletis nabbing the spot.


DIMAR’s Yannis Panousis is a candidate for the Ministry of Citizen Protection, while Mr. Tsironis from the Green party is probably the one to be at the helm of the Ministry of the Environment.


The Ministry of Justice will probably be headed by Mr. Panagiotis Nikoloudis.


According to information, Thodoris Dritsas is taking over the former Ministry of Maritime Affairs and the Aegean.


Vice-ministers’ names include AN.EL’s Terence Kouik, Nikos Nikolopoulos, Elena Koundoura and Maria Kollia.


Choices were made according to parliamentary experience.



Alexis Tsipras is shrinking down the number of Ministries from 19 to 10.


An “overarching” Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform will include the responsibilities of the ministries of 1)Interior, 2)governance reform and Electronic governance, 3)Public Safety and Citizen Protection, 4)Macedonia and Thrace.


An “overarching” Ministry of Finance, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism will include the responsibilities of the ministries of: 1)Development and Competitiveness, 2)Maritime Shipping and the Aegean, 3)Tourism ,4) Infrastructure, Transport and networks


An “overarching” Ministry of Productive Reform, the Environment and Energy will include the responsibilities of the ministries of: 1)the Environment, Energy and Climate Change, 2)Rural Development and Foods, 3)The General Secretariat of Industry of the ministry of Development and Competitiveness.


An “overarching” Ministry of Culture, Education and Religion which will include the responsibilities of the ministries of: 1)Culture and Athletics, 2)Education and Religion


The Ministry of Employment and Social Security is renamed to the Ministry of Employment, Social Security and Solidarity.


The Ministry of Health is renamed into a Ministry of Health and Social Insurance.


The General Secretariat of Social Insurance is moved to the abovementioned Minsitry of Health.


Besides the over-arching ministries, the rest will be the Ministries of

Foreign Affairs

National Defence

Justice, Transparency and Human Rights

Employment and Social Solidarity

Health and Social Insurance