New wave of bad weather for Greece

Snow even on the beaches!

A new wave of cold weather is expected to strike Greece, especially on Friday. According to the weather forecast Thursday it will be cloudy with local rains and thunderstorms. The phenomenon will start from west and south as well as the eastern islands and it will gradually expand to the rest of the country. The phenomena will not be that strong on the western parts of the country during the night. On the mountains there will be snowfall that will expand to lower altitudes as well especially on the central and northern parts of the country. Winds will be west-southwest 4 to 5 Buford’s and on the south 6 and locally 7 that will gradually turn north and gain strength. There will be a drop of temperature in the north.


On Friday the weather will be cloudy with rains and some thunderstorms on the east. On high and mid altitudes there will be snowfall and the weather will improve on the northwest. The winds on the west and the north will be due north-northwest 5-7 and on the sea locally up to 8 Buford’s. On the rest of the country they will be due west-southwest 5-7 and on the sea locally up to 8 Buford’s that will gradually turn to west-northwest. The temperature will fall from north to south. There might be frost in some places in the mourning and in the night on the mainland.