New York: Man attempts to rape 25-year-old in the subway! (Shocking Video)

Trigger alert


A shocking video has been released by the New York police, which shows a man trying to rape a 25-year-old woman on a subway platform.

Eyewitnesses videotaped the attempted rape. According to information, the victim screamed getting the attention of passers-by who then chased away the perpetrator.

In this video, someone is heard shouting at the perpetrator “get away from her”. Aw shown in the footage that has been made public, the perpetrator left the young woman, got up from the ground as if nothing was happening, put on his sunglasses and left.

Police were immediately called to the subway, but the perpetrator had gone. New York police arrested José Reyes, a resident of the Bronx, yesterday afternoon and he is now facing charges of attempted rape, assault and harassment.

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