New York Post’s tabloid headlines on the Clinton grandchild

Following the trend it set during the Lewinsky scandal

It is traditionally accepted that newborns see their first light of day accompanied by the wishes of relatives, friends and family.

However, Chelsea Clinton’s first child, Hillary and Bill Clinton’s grandchild was showered by… negativity by the New York Post. The well-known newspaper belongs to Republican supporter Rupert Murdoch and bore the title of “Party Pooper: Another liberal crybaby for Dem Clintons”, superimposed over a photo of Bill and Hillary holding their grandchild that the former Tweeted on Saturday.

The wordplay on the title is evident since “Dem” is both a colloquialism of “them” and “Democrats”. Also, obviously the “Party Pooper” has a double meaning of someone who ruins both the actual happy party or fanfare as well as someone who… relieves  themselves -as babies tend to do- on the democratic party.

The sensationalist New York Post tabloid follows the trend it set during the Monica Lewinsky scandal days when its attacks against Clinton and the democratic party reached a peaked.