Nikola Dimitrov: A “Macedonian minority” possibly an issue of “Greek international obligations”! (video)

Diplomatic maneuver


In an exclusive interview with SKAI and Alexis Papahelas the Slavomacedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov said that the alleged existence of a “Macedonian minority” in Greece is possibly an issue of “Greek international obligations”, but also a Greek “internal affair issue and subject of Greek debate”.

“I live and breathe the Prespa Agreement for months… I also sometimes see it in my dreams. That is how I see the Article 4 (3) of the agreement, saying that we have agreed not to interfere with the other country’s internal affairs. The BBC article and the issues it raised are something for the Greek internal political dialogue, maybe it is a matter of international obligations, but I do not think it is useful for where we want to go, namely that we opened a new page, we unlocked a huge dynamic friendship and cooperation, for us to engage in such a debate. This should be a subject of Greek debate”, the Foreign Minister said.

Watch the interview: