Nimetz: Time is not in our favour (video)

Interview to Euronews over Macedonia name dispute

In an interview with reporter Nikoletta Kritikou for Euronews-Greece, UN special mediator on the name dispute between Greece and FYROM, Matthew Nimetz said “I don’t think time is in our favour. Situations change, governments change”, as it was unclear what the political conditions in the country of FYROM or Greece might be like over the immediate future. Mr Nimetz stressed that the negotiations were focused on the name of the state (of FYROM), claiming that it was separate from the identity of the people of FYROM. The UN mediator said he had presented a “schematic form” of a solution doe the name and how the details would be worked out between the two parties was a matter of talks at the UN. Hr dubbed Greek Foreign Minister Kotzias as having a positive approach in the talks and having a “deep interest in settling this”. He stressed that there was “goodwill” on both sides on some of the important subsidiary aspects of dispute like the Constitutional reforms of irredentist articles in FYROM.