No more large bags allowed on Parthenon for fears of terrorist attacks

Only small bags allowed, while Greek police increase security in other archaeological sites

If you are a tourist who used to drop off any large bags or luggage at a designated storage room on your way up to the Parthenon, then you would be advised not to leave your visit to the Acropolis for the last minute before going home, as the Greek authorities decided not to accept any type of large packs, bags or luggage for security reasons. The recent terrorist attacks across European cities have compelled the authorities to protect the symbol of western civilisation against a possible attack by jihadists. As of March 28 the luggage storage room is not accepting visitors’ large packages, with those ascending to the Parthenon only allowed to carry small back packs or hand bags. The site of the Greek Ministry of culture has posted a relevant announcement detailing its new luggage regulations. The Greek police have already discretely ramped up security in archaeological sites around Athens, while more security measures are expected to take effect soon. ISIS has targeted and destroyed many archaeological sites in the areas it controls, with the city of Palmyra standing out, and an attack against one of the symbols of the west such as the Parthenon would be a devastating blow.

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