North Macedonia Foreign Ministry issues instruction on “Macedonian” culture and history

The instructions targeted the country’s reporters and included clarifications such as the “Macedonian” language and ethnicity, among other things

The Foreign Ministry of North Macedonia has issued instructions to the country’s press on how reporters should use the terms in connection to the ethnicity, nationality and culture, confirming the concerns that had been raised by those sceptical about the Prespa Agreement.
The instructions provide examples on how reporters of the small state should handle the terms “Macedonian”, “Macedonian identity”, “Macedonian language”.

The foreign ministry of the neighbouring country also notes that northern Macedonia has “Macedonian” language and that this word should be used when speaking “about our language, our history, our culture, our heritage, our region and other traits “, stressing that these terms” are clearly different from those used and related to the Macedonia region in Greece “.

Using examples for the correct use of the term Macedonia, Skopje’s foreign ministry claims to include the Macedonian national identity, Macedonian language, Macedonian culture, the Macedonian region, the Macedonian people, “Macedonian” history, etc., emphasising that the adjective “north” should not be used in the above-mentioned cases.