North Macedonia volleyball team omits “North” descriptor on shirts (video)

The video was posted on official European Championships website

The North Macedonian men’s national volleyball team appeared with shirts during a training session with the name Macedonia on the back in violation of the Prespa Agreement which requires the use of the geographically descriptive term “North”.

The country’s volleyball federation released a promo video of a training camp ahead of the team’s maiden appearance in the upcoming European Championship (September 13-29). The video shows the players wearing shirts with the word ’Macedonian’, while the official website refers to the players as “Macedonians”.

The video has already been posted on the official website of the European Volleyball Federation ( where the title of the text is’ Macedonian players’ living the EuroVolley dream ‘. The geographical designation “North” (which only st at the beginning of the text) is clearly missing.

Meanwhile, the official Facebook page of the country’s Volleyball Federation uses the term “Macedonian Volleyball Federation”.(Одбојкарска федерација на Македонија).