Norwegian police use shields as snowboards to have some fun (funny video)

When you are killing time, instead of criminals

Police in Scandinavian countries is generally considered to be open and liberal, employing crime-fighting tactics that law enforcement agencies in other countries would deem “strange”. Therefore, a video of Norwegian police officers having some fun in the snow during a break with their shields should not come as a surprise.
The three officers can be seen using their shields as snow sledges in a road.
On a “slow day or night”, at the office, they decided to kill some time by showing off their skills in a snowy downhill promenade in the city of Trondheim.
They even made an impromptu finish line at the end of the route to make it a little more competitive.
So liberated is the police force in Norway from the normal conventions in other countries, that the cops actually uploaded their fun time themselves on social media.