Novartis case: The opposition parties have withdrawn from Parliamentary Committee

The Parliamentary Committee for the Novartis case has practically dissolved


The refusal of the majority of SYRIZA’s MPs to accept the in-depth investigation of the Novartis case and the rejection of the demands of the ND and other opposition parties to call in the protected witnesses and Constantine Frouzis brought a political turmoil.

All the opposition parties have withdrawn from Parliamentary Committee, denouncing that the government majority does not want the case to be clarified, and all they care about is to “throw mud” to its political opponents.

SYRIZA’s proposal, which prompted the opposition’s strong reaction that led to them leaving the committee, was to invite the nine people involved, since Evangelos Venizelos had already submitted to the committee last week, to give their opinion if the committee is competent to proceed with the in-depth examination of the case.

The Greek Communist Party KKE had already withdrawn, denouncing the process and accusing the majority of not wishing to investigate the scandal in depth.