Officer shoots suspects while holding his baby boy! (shocking video)

Incident occurred in Brazil

Shocking video has emerged of an off-duty police officer shoot and kill two suspects during a raid on a pharmacy while holding his baby boy under one arm.
Sergeant Rafael Souza entered Bifarma in the centre of Campo Limpo Paulista in Brazil with his wife and their young son to buy medicine on Saturday afternoon when armed gunmen rushed in.
The dramatic scenes were caught on CCTV in the state of São Paulo.

While the clerk was attending to his wife, two burglars with hoods and a gun barged in to rob the premises.
According to reports, one of the suspects, Jefferson Alves, 24, a resident of Campo Limpo, pointed the gun at Sgt Souza, who identified himself as a police officer.
Sgt Souza, of the 49th Metropolitan Battalion, said that the suspect intended to shoot him so he reacted.
He pulled his gun and shot one of the assailants at point-blank range before he pursued the other man.
His wife screamed as she reached out for the baby while cowering below shelves.
Sgt Souza handed the tiny child to her before the video cut out.