Olympiacos BC promotes anti-smoking with “No Smoking arena” ahead of Euroleague match at Piraeus

The club said it would strictly comply by the regulation and law

Olympiacos BC issued a statement on the occasion of the new anti-smoking law and ahead of this year’s official premiere at the SEF against Spanish Valencia on Friday.

“Olympiakos BC urges its fans to follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health and the governing body of the EUROLEAGUE and take into consideration not only the high fines, but also the harmful effects of smoking, both for themselves and for their neighbour”, the statement read.

The statement went on to stress


Protect children and non-smokers from passive smoking

Protect athletes from passive smoking

Make all sports fans aware that smoking damages their own health

Encourage smokers to stop smoking

The anti-smoking law of the Ministry of Health has been put into effect and Olympiacos informs fans that it will take all necessary steps to comply with it.”