Olympiakos owner Vangelis Marinakis wrote the lyrics to Natassa Theodoridou’s latest song! (video)

He finds time to write lyrics…

Being preoccupied with running one of the largest shipping companies in Greece, while owning two professional football clubs, Greek champions Olympiakos and English club Nottingham Forest, you might be led to believe that Vangelis Marinakis would have little time to spare.

But it was revealed that the Greek tycoon has a secret talent very few knew about. He is also a songwriter! Yes, you read correctly. And not just simply scribbling down lyrics for a past time, but writing songs for acclaimed singer Natassa Theodoridou.

The famous artist sings the song in the opening title sequence of Mega TV’s series “Excitement”, which you guessed it, was written by Vangelis Marinakis, as she revealed on a show called “Pame Danai”. The music was written by composer Petros Iakovidis.