One in five French is unable to have a proper meal, survey reveals

The vast majority believe their children will face tougher times than their generation

One in five French is unable to consume three meals a day or eat properly, according to research by the Ipsos Institute and the non-profit organisation Secours populaire français (SPF), published today.

Less than a quarter of the respondents (21%) replied that they were unable to eat or eat three meals a day, while 27% admitted they did not have the financial ability to buy fruits and vegetables daily.

This trend is prevalent in the poorest households. One in two French people with a monthly income of fewer than 1,200 euros is unable to pay for their children’s schooling and almost one in two (48%) finds it difficult to provide them with a dietary variety. The overwhelming majority (86%) reported that food insecurity is a sign of poverty.

Overall, the non-profit organisation underlines that the financial situation of a portion of the French population has improved compared to 2017, but adds that 39% (+2% compared to 2017) said it has already experienced a state of poverty.

In 2018, the barometer revealed that holiday or cultural and recreational expenses were the most “problematic” for many French. 41% said it was very difficult to go on holidays once a year (45% in 2017).

Almost one in three French said they had difficulty covering medical costs for which he had no insurance coverage (this figure rose to 56% for less well-off households).

Over 80% fear that their children will be more vulnerable to poverty and social exclusion than their own generation.