Panathinaikos’ former president Thanasis Giannakopoulos is dead

All three Giannakopoulos brothers died in just under one year

Thanasis Giannakopoulos, the former president of the basketball Panathinaikos has died at the age of 88.

Thanasis Giannakopoulos was hospitalized for almost two months as he was facing a very serious health problem. His family did not want his condition to be publicized, but it was when the former Panathinaikos player Saruna Jasikevicius had wished the best for Giannakopoulos’ health that the situation became known.

The announcement of the hospital for the death of Thanasis Giannakopoulos:

“On Tuesday, March 19, 2019, Athanasios Giannakopoulos has passed away at HYGEIA after a long treatment at the Intensive Care Unit. He suffered a severe thrombotic stroke from which, despite timely and successful thrombectomy, he was unable to recover”.

Thanasis Giannakopoulos was a Greek industrialist and former president of the Panathinaikos Athletic Club in basketball & volleyball. He was born in 1931. He was involved in the pharmaceutical industry, where he was the owner of VIANEX, the largest pharmaceutical company in Greece.

In the past, he had been an EPO consultant for several years. Since 1992 he had been the co-owner of the Panathinaikos basketball team with his brother Paul but in 2012 he handed over the administration to his brother Paul’s son, Dimitris. He had been chairman of the Panathinaikos amateur divisions from 1999 to 2009. He had also been chairman of the Panathinaikos Men’s Volleyball Division in 2008-09.