Panathinaikos receives 3-point deduction for fan invasion in match against Olympiakos

The Greens were also forced to play two home matches without its fans

Panathinaikos football club was penalised with a 3-point deduction and will play two home matches without its fans after the Greek football league’s disciplinary committee held the Greens culpable for the invasion its fans onto the ground in the match against Olympiakos which led to the interruption of the match.
Then Greens issued an official apology for the match interruption on Thursday.

The Disciplinary Committee accepted Panathinaikos’ objection for an improper interruption on the part of the German referee – as the Greens argued that one hour had not elapsed before the official interruption of the match by the referee, a time provided in the league’s rules.

The match was interrupted by the German referee when Olympiakos was ahead 1-0 on the 70th minute.

The Superleague, Greece’s top league organising body will now be called upon to determine when the remaining minutes of the derby will be played and which referee will officiate.
Olympiakos announced they would appeal the decision, stressing it was scandalous and rewarded the hooligans.