PAO fans “flood” basketball boss Giannakopoulos social media to take over football club

Fans inundated Giannakopoulos Instagram after statement by Alafouzos he would be leaving PAO football club

The Instagram account of the President of Panathinaikos basketball club and major shareholder, Dimitris Giannakopoulos, was flooded with messages by fans urging him to take control of the football club, minutes after the owner of Skai TV and outgoing President of PAO Giannis Alafouzos released a written statement that he would be leaving the football club. Fans bombarded Mr. Giannakopoulos’s Instagram page calling on him to step in the void and save the football club.

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“Our great president, take control of the team and watch Europe tremble”, wrote one, while another said: “Great Mitsos God, take over the franchise”. A third fan wrote: “The time has come president after 30 years for the mistake that had been made to be rectified. Make the impossible happen and the people will stand by your side. Don’t let the team dissolve.”

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