PAOK owner Ivan Savvidis apologises for invading pitch on Sunday (Upd.)

He issued written statement

“I clearly did not have the right to go to the pitch in this way”, PAOK chairman Ivan Savvidis said in a written apology he issued on Tuesday, regarding his invasion into the pitch with a gun on Sunday night’s match between PAOK Thessaloniki and AEK Athens

In his announcement, Mr Savvidis apologised to the fans of PAOMK and Greece, as well as the global football community, acknowledging that his behaviour and the fact that he entered the Toumba stadium with a firearm caused the international slandering of Greece and the mockery of Greek football on a global scale.
“Dear gentlemen,
I want to apologise to all the fans of PAOK, all Greek fans, the global football community. I am very sorry for what happened. Clearly, I did not have the right to go out on the pitch in this way”, he said.