Parthenon Marbles’ return to Greece: Museums may face fines unless they “decolonize” their collections

All UK museums will be expected to adopt the guidance


Museums with artifacts taken from other nations could be fined if they don’t “decolonize” their collections and give them back.

Arts Council England expects repatriation demands to rise – so it has asked experts to bid for a £42,000 contract to come up with guidelines to replace the “very out of date” ones it uses now.

The checklist will help museums decide whether to return other nations’ treasures, such as the Elgin Marbles or Rosetta Stone.

All UK museums will be expected to adopt the guidance.

The contract will see experts help British museums deal with media attention, government policies and the future of artifacts with no value.

An aboriginal shield and Ethiopian sacred tablets are among many artifacts that have been demanded by their ancestral owners.

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