Pharmacists close their stores next Monday and Tuesday

They decided on a 48-hour strike in response to the troika claims – Next Tuesday they will meet again to decide on the course of their actions

The Panhellenic Pharmacists Association (PFS) took a unanimous decision for a 48-hour strike next week in its marathon meeting today.

According to PFS, the strike on Monday 10 and Tuesday March 11, is the industry’s answer to the troika claims for the opening of the non-mandatory prescription drugs market (MYSYFA).

Next Tuesday pharmacists will meet again to assess the developments and decide the course of their actions.

PFS chairman Kyriakos Theodossiadis urged the Greek government to adopt the positions of the Health minister against the troika and dismiss the OECD report in the section about the pharmaceutical care. “Everyone can understand that competition and Health are two incompatible concepts. We say that the report cannot be a “gospel” for the government or a new memorandum, a prefabricated product at the behest of big business which it obviously serves.”