Photo of deer with three antlers a ‘one-in a million’ (photo)

Others said the animal could be even rarer

Five years ago, Steven Lindberg vowed to upload an image a day to Facebook, a largely unexceptional exercise that the retired Michigan state legislator often conducted as he was walking his dog near his home in Marquette.

Last weekend, Lindberg took a picture of a deer. Ordinarily, that would have been unexceptional, too: there are 30 million such animals in North America.

But when Lindberg uploaded the image, he realised the buck had three antlers.

Veterinarian Steve Edwards told the Detroit Free Press it was a “one-in-a-million” find. Others said the animal could be even rarer than that, and attributed the extra growth to damage to the pedicels, the structures in the skull that support antlers.

Lindberg, 75 and a former hunter, told the Free Press he stopped shooting animals 20 years ago when he lost the desire to kill.

“When I get a picture of a deer, I’m just as excited,” he said.