Piers Morgan kisses Peter Andre on lips on live TV! (video)

The panel was discussing the David Beckham kiss to his daughter

Piers Morgan stunned Good Morning Britain viewers on Wednesday, as he shared a cheeky smooch with Peter Andre following a debate over whether children should kiss their parents on the lips.
The 53-year-old breakfast presenter had engaged in a fiery debate with the 45-year-old father-of-four over the gesture, with the latter insisting that it was just a ‘show of affection.’

It came after David Beckham sparked a mass debate over the subject by posting an Instagram snap of his seven-year-old daughter kissing him on the lips, leading to a flurry of comments from trolls claiming such a gesture was ‘wrong.’

The duo both put across their views whether they felt it was appropriate for a parent to kiss their child on the lips, with Piers insisting it ‘weirded him out’ to see such a show of affection.

source: dailymail.co.uk