Pink Super-moon to be visible tonight (video)

The phenomenon will bring a brighter moon by 30%

Although the total coronavirus lockdown will not allow the public to go out and enjoy it in its full magnificence, stargazers will be treated to the site of a Pink Moon this week. It will be a particularly special phenomenon because it will also be a Super Moon, making it bigger and brighter than usual.

The phenomena emote feelings for some ranging from love and romance to death and evil omens (see myths with werewolves).

The term Pink Moon refers to the full moon that occurs every April and is named after the pink spring flower that appears at the same time.

The pink full moon is expected to appear in tonight’s sky, providing all in isolation some visual aesthetic relief from their balconies and house terraces.

The full moon will appear 30% brighter and 14% larger and will approach 220,000 miles close to Earth.