Plane collides with two cars after crash landing on busy road injuring five people! (VIDEO)

The injuries are not said to be life threatening

The Cessna was destroyed in the landing that resulted in three people being taken to a hospital.

The injuries are not said to be life threatening – two of the people taken to a hospital were onboard the dual engined plane, according to police.

Tracking websites have revealed that the plane had traveled from Opa-Locka, Miami, where the small flyer is registered, to Tallahassee prior to the crash-landing.


No travel path has been discovered for the journey that led to the collision.

The cause of the crash is currently unknown, however, a power pole has been knocked over near the scene that is said to have been caused by the Cessna.

Authorities have secured the scene of the crash until federal accident investigators arrive.

The collision took place on 18th Ave S and 16th St.

Pictures of the crash show the Cessna grounded on the residential road after having collided with an SUV.

The nose of the plane has been crumpled along with both wings.

In comparison, the SUV appears to be relatively unscathed.

Police are urging people nearby to avoid the area.