PM Mitsotakis to raise fast track of Covid-19 vaccinations and travel certificate at EU Summit

The Summit will take place on Thursday

Dealing with the coronavirus pandemic will be the main topic of the teleconference meeting of the EU’s extraordinary Summit scheduled to take place today.

In this context, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is expected to comment on the digital vaccination certificate which will help facilitate travel, but also on the already expressed need for further EU pressure on pharmaceutical companies for the speeding up of the production of vaccines and also faster approval of formulations by the European authorities.

The Greek PM responded to skeptics about his Covid-19 travel certificate in an article resented his proposal in an article he wrote hosted on the European website Euractiv and the German website Das Morning Briefing.

Speaking of a “fast travel lane” for those holding this digital, standardised certificate, the Prime Minister emphasised that it was “a simple, reliable and secure digital solution that could get the economies back on track while clarifying that” our goal is not to divide Europeans into two categories, those who have been vaccinated and those who have not been vaccinated”.

“Is data protection at risk? No”…clarified Mr. Mitsotakis. “In Greece, he explains, we have already prepared the model of a digital vaccination certificate for air, sea, and rail travel, which we shared with our partners in the EU. The certificate has a QR code, a unique document ID, and a digital stamp.”

As he explains, those who wish to travel but do not have a certificate will be able to travel under the existing travel rules, such as the mandatory molecular test (PCR) before departure, rapid test on arrival at the destination, and quarantine where necessary.

“Under no circumstances should we risk jobs or lose another year trying to restart our economies,” he warned.

The European Commission and IATA have expressed their support to Mitsotakis’s proposal.

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