PM Tsipras urges Ministers to support FYROM deal in parliament

Mr Tsipras addressed his cabinet in the parliamentary chamber

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras called on his Ministers to commit to backing the government during a cabinet meeting on Thursday, in the event major opposition party New Democracy (ND) submitted a motion of censure.
Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, during his speech, pointed out that for the first time the Greek government submitted a draft budget to the European authorities, confirming the country’s clear exit from the memorandum.

In this context, he underlined that the plan identified the government’s intention:
• Not to accept the measure of pension cuts in light of the fact that the 3.5% target is achieved without this measure
• To apply the measures of a reasonable budget expansion announced at the TIF
He also expressed the view that the Greek Government’s plan would be accepted by the European Commission. Mr Tsipras presented the timetable for legislative interventions to implement the Government’s fiscal policy, announced at the TIF, culminating in the vote on the budget.
Mr Tsipras set as a priority the start of the procedures for the Constitutional Review in early November, on the basis of the July 2016 proposals and the conclusions of the national dialogue.