PM wants fresh start with a “new” SYRIZA after snap elections in Sept.

After a hot summer of express voting, SYRIZA will call for early elections in September

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras wants to wipe the slate clean after his string of broken promises and terrifying negotiations with Greece’s EU creditors. The new beginning will include the renewal of the popular mandate given to the Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) leader who hopes to lead the country to early elections on September 20, just 9 months after his landslide win on January 25 and one month after the completion of bailout talks scheduled to end with the payment of dues to the European Central Bank on August 20.

Those close to the PM state that he wants to distance himself with the past and cast off burdens weighing down the party with ideological beliefs and political commitments.

After a murky six months of negotiations and contradictory statements, SYRIZA is finally casting away creative vagueness with specific moves to show creditors that Greeks are willing to stay in the euro at all costs. Elections will take place after an agreement with creditors is reached so as to not jeopardize a Grexit.

The new deal is being prepared at a feverish pace under the guidance of the government’s general secretary Spyros Sagias. The agreement is being formulated according to the controversial deal signed by the Greek leader at the all-night euro summit of July 13.

There’s a tight time schedule until the agreement makes its way to Greek Parliament on August 17. Meanwhile, express procedures are being followed with Finance minister Euclid Tsakalotos authorized to sign a new loans deal with the European Stability Mechanism (ESM).

The Left Platform of the ruling Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) party is not impressed with its members left feeling duped by the party that borrowed their anti-austerity wind to sail to victory only to bring to Greece one of the harshest agreements in terms of austerity.


After the agreement is voted through, the leadership will turn to elections with the most likely date being Sunday, September 20.

There are three reasons for the early elections.

(1) The government considers collaboration with other party’s to be “toxic” as they represent what Tsipras has refered to as the “old political system”.

(2) It is believed that only a newly-elected government would have the authorization to legally apply the harsh terms of the deal being reached.

(3) SYRIZA’s leadership does not want to give disgruntled deputies abandoning the leftist party enough time to get organized after the deal is sealed on August 20.