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Police close in on killer of 11-year-old boy from Menidi

Huge police operation led to bullet cases that could reveal culprit

After large scale operations in Roma camps in the Menidi area in east Attica, involving SWAT units and the rounding up of a number of suspects, Greek police have reportedly identified the house where a stray bullet came from killing a 10-year old boy named Marios on Thursday. Police found 6 bullet cases matching the one found in the boy’s head outside a house that purportedly belongs to a group of infamous Roma criminals involved in drug dealing and weapons, and authorities are speculating they were shot from there during a party. “We believe we will soon reach the Menidi pistolero. Investigations are ongoing and are at a good stage. We are after the weapon to close the case” said a police source. The bizarre incident occurred when the young boy fell to the ground on Thursday in his school yard and was transported to hospital to receive first aid. Until then witnesses of the event thought the 11-year-old had suffered a serious head injury due to the fall, but it later determined after examination that he had in  fact died of a bullet found in his head.