Police find heavy weapons load in Athens apartments linked to international terrorism (photos)

Twenty six people were taken into custody

The Greek Special Suppressive Counter-terrorism Unit (EKAM) discovered a load of heavy arms, including anti-tank weapons, in two apartments in the neighbourhoods of Sepolia and Exarchia, Thursday.

Police have taken 26 people in to custody for questioning, while the Avlonos street in Sepolia has been cordoned off as investigations are ongoing. The second apartment was in the area of Exaerchia on 3 Tzavella Street.

According to reports so far, 9 people were detained from the building in Sepolia, while 17 others were taken in from Exarchia, most of Turkish origin.

Police also found a tunnel in the house in Sepolia, which reportedly led to a 20-sqm area to hide people or objects. This site is being carefully researched as there is concern that the site may be trapped with explosives.

According to sources, the case is linked to an international terrorism network that is allegedly connected to far-left groups in Turkey while initial information made reference to Kurds.