Police officers down in Denver

A gunman is reportedly in custody

“Multiple deputies” were injured and their status is unknown after a shootout south of Denver early Sunday morning, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office confirmed.
A gunman is reportedly in custody, roughly three hours after the active shooter situation began at the Copper Canyon Apartments in Highlands Ranch.
In an update, the sheriff’s office said at 5:13 a.m. deputies responded to a domestic disturbance call at the apartments. During the investigation, shots were fired, wounding multiple deputies. It is unclear if any civilians were shot, but the update said there is no status on their injuries, and a reporter from Denver7 says one was injured.
A source in the sheriff’s office told KKTV it’s “not looking good for us” as shots were being fired at deputies, and video from the scene showed at least eight ambulances arriving.
A reporter with Denver7 said gunshots were heard in the distance as they arrived in the area home to multiple apartment complexes.
There is a Code Red in effect, instructing citizens in the area to shelter in place, avoid windows and stay away from exterior walls.

source: wtae.com