Polish tourist brutally gang-raped in Italy

Her partner was beaten unconscious

A Polish tourist was gang raped in a “brutal and bestial attack” in front of her boyfriend before he was beaten up at an Italian tourist hotspot.
Police said the vicious attack on the Polish couple, who are 26-years-old, took place in Rimini on the Adriatic coast of Italy.
The man was beaten on the head and robbed according to Italian police.

The woman was raped repeatedly by four men early on Saturday on a stretch of the beach in Rimini, which is one of the most famous seaside resorts in Italy.
Passers-by called police after seeing the couple, bloodied and dazed, on the beach.
The couple were both hospitalised with injuries.

Italian police are still searching for the suspects of what they described as a “brutal and bestial attack.”
Forensics officers have been seen investigating the crime scene with images of Italian Scientific Police combing the beach for evidence.

They have called on the public “to cooperate with the police forces informing each and every element that may be of use in the investigation”.
The Polish consulate in Milan have said they are assisting the couple.
Italian newspaper Ansa said the girl’s attackers have been described as dark skinned.

source: express.co.uk