Popular Unity party to ask for recount of votes in 4 regions of Athens

Failed to enter parliament for 7,500 votes

Left party ‘Popular Unity’ lead by Panagiotis Lafazanis released a statement Wednesday demanding a recount of votes in four regions of the wider Athens area. The party, which was formed after a number of SYRIZA MPs from the previous Greek parliament broke away from their former party, fell short of the 3% threshold in the September 20 elections necessary to enter Greek parliament as it got 2.8% of the vote. Specifically, ‘Popular Unity’ will call for the recount of votes in the municipalities of Athens, Peristeri, Acharnai and Nikaia. Some party officials claim they observed mistakes against their party during the counting of votes. It should be noted that ‘Popular Unity’ only needed 7,500 votes to reach the 3% limit.